Can Breakups Lead to Depression?

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The world asks you to move on, but the heart breaks into several pieces. It is strange how a person becomes your whole world and then decides to leave you alone. There are several causes for breaking up, but you must understand that life goes on and you find someone to love again.

The question is – Can breakups lead to depression?

Being a tough cookie is difficult, especially when your heart cannot explain the pain it feels. Haven’t we read endless literature books that talk about lost love and unhappy endings? Love is such a powerful feeling and falling out of it may take some time.

If you have had a recent breakup, the feeling of loneliness, constant tears running down your face and lethargy will be a part of the process. It is not just an occasional outburst of feelings. Your heart feels heavy and it affects your daily life in a number of ways.

Depression is something we need to talk about out loud! It is a serious disease that can be life-threatening. An individual with depression is crying from the inside and continues to do their daily chores.

What does being in love feel like?

Lovers could write an entire book on what love feels like. You could fall in love with a girl swinging in the neighborhood or the boy who sits next to you in Spanish class. Human beings are attracted to the opposite/same sex for a number of reasons. Sometimes, you do not have a reason to fall in love.

It is an unexplainable feeling, but the mind, body, heart and soul responds to it positively. As per social scientists, love is a feeling that is induced by chemicals. When two people are in love, they focus on the positives of their partner. Day dreaming becomes your favorite activity because the person hovers over your mind for a long time.

It makes you do crazy things! We have seen cases of lovers who eloped for love. Some might even leave their family and friends for their beloved. This is because you feel a strong connection with your partner. You share a deep bond where there are no secrets, inhibitions, limits or space. You share a life together and dream of the future.

Love can be exhilarating, but it can also lead to sleepless nights and loss of appetite. We look at the positive aspects of love, but it also makes us insecure, jealous and possessive. We are constantly obsessing over this one person and cannot concentrate on anything else. If there is a fight between a couple, both the individuals spend considerable amount of time in crying, name-calling and staring at their phones.

You take part in social activities and travel the world together. Your morning starts by seeing a message from your beloved and ends by planting goodnight kisses. The intimacy that you share is special!

What if YOUR human finds someone else? A relationship does not come with a warranty card. What happens when your partner decides to end the relationship?

Let’s find out in the next section.

Heartbreak = Depression

No matter how many articles you read, the heart and mind will not be able to register the fact that this special human is no longer YOURS. You are not just losing the person, but the life that you shared with him/her.

Can breakups lead to depression? The answer is a resounding YES! Even though the heart cannot be scene, you feel a stinging pain inside. It is unbearably painful! Even though the heart is made of flesh and blood, but all the breakup songs are about the heart breaking into several pieces.

As per studies, depression is not limited to married couples. At least one out of five young adults are going through depression and have nobody to talk about the suffering. If you have seen a drug addict going through the entire withdrawal process, one can relate to the symptoms.

There will be physical pain, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, lack of motivation, anxiety and depression. These are the symptoms that one feels after the breakup. If you are getting suicidal thoughts, it is important to take help from a psychiatric or an adult in the home.

Depression is a medical condition and a breakup could damage a person’s ability to think straight. The world will give endless advices about being practical and that the phase will end, but the depression needs to be treated.

Sadness and depression are two different concepts. Sadness can last for a day due to a particular event or outcome. Depression is a medical condition that requires counseling and even medications. It makes you feel insignificant, guilty and sluggish.

A breakup can lead to depression because it changes our life completely. The time that you spent with your partner is never going to come back. You think of the beautiful times that your partner and you spent together. Once this person is gone from your life, it becomes difficult to move on. You cry for hours and do not feel like getting up from your bed. That’s depression! It leads to negative thoughts and most teens and adults bid adieu to the world too soon!

Takeaway Advice

We don’t you but our heart goes out to anyone who is suffering from the inside. This is the time when you need a loved one beside you. Feel free to talk to a friend you can trust or a parent. Parents have seen it all! They have years of experience and can never judge their child’s mental illness.

If you are feeling suicidal, seek medical attention or call a suicide helpline. Always remember that ending your life is NOT the solution. God made billions of people for a reason! A breakup may hurt for a couple of weeks, months or even years, but the heart will learn to love again!

This is NOT the end of life! It is just the beginning and in case the heart breaks, it can mend. There will be a time when you will find someone who will take good care of your heart. Don’t fight depression alone! Speak to your friends, doctor, family members or the suicide helpline. If you are willing to share it, your close ones are ready to listen. recommends The Destroy Depression System to help cure depression naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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