How to Battle Depression

How to Battle Depression

Have you ever been in a low mood due to an argument with someone? It is possible that you did not clear an interview and are feeling sad. Some people think that they are depressed by small displeasures of life.

Not clearing an interview does not make you a failure. Not clearing an interview is a part and parcel of life. You learn a lot from these experiences. If this is making you feel low, then you need to read inspirational stories such as the journey of Thomas Edison. Do not assume that you are depressed before you talk to a health professional/psychiatrist.

Depression refers to a feeling of extreme sadness that lasts for long periods of time. Depressed people only see the negative aspects of life. They feel worthless and may form self harming habits. Persistent body tiredness is a sign of depression.

Depressed workers are under-productive at work, and they lose their jobs for this. Students fail exams if they are depressed.

The question is – How to battle depression?

Fortunately, depression is treatable. Antidepressants and other medicines will get your mood back to normal. Mild cases of depression are curable by applying self-help skills. If you are suicidal, then you might need the help of a psychiatrist.

Suicidal thoughts are lethal and you may feel normal with your friends, but the sudden feeling of jumping off a building or hanging yourself could put your life at risk. Always remember that it is a phase and people spend thousands of dollars to save a life. Why are you giving up so soon?

Seek help

Experiencing any of the above conditions may not be an indication that you are depressed. Check with a doctor to get the issue clarified.

Depressed people who are diagnosed early have a better chance of getting treated.

A doctor will give you personalized treatment. This extra attention is known to boost people’s self-esteem.

Start therapy

In therapy, you will learn new skills on how to deal with friends and family. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches effective ways to think and handle life problems.

Depressed people find it is hard to talk to others. They hide how they really feel, and suffer alone. They smile a lot but in the inside they feel awful. Say no to this. Find a friend you trust, and they will help you during these hard times.

Find friends

If you spend your days alone, the chances of getting depressed are much higher. Spend time with your friend or attend social occasions. Opening up to a friend really helps. Do not bottle all your emotions inside as this will hurt you later. Friends will support and encourage you during these hard times.

Minimize the time you spend indoors

Depression makes you feel self-conscious. Your self-esteem gets low. This makes you want to hide away from people. You opt to stay in-doors.

Research has shown that exposure to sunlight can brighten up a person’s mood. The change in environment will make you see things from a different perspective. Take that small step and step outside a few times a day.

Avoid negative thoughts

In life, we have to make many decisions. The way we think about the consequences of our choices really affects us. People are afraid they will fail in exams or lose their jobs.
This type of thinking is negative-sided and should be avoided. Such thoughts bring too much worry and hopelessness. Adopt a positive mentality towards life to prevent depression.

Change your eating habits

Depression often leads to diet changes. You might start eating a lot or too little. A common sign is losing or gaining too much weight. Some people lose their urge to eat while others eat a lot to counter their depression. This is the time when you turn to junk food or lots of chocolates. If you lack an appetite, try forcing yourself to eat. This might just lighten your mood. In case you do not feel the need to eat, join a friend for lunch as good company and good food always go well!

Form a habit of exercising daily. This has been proven to have the same effects as antidepressants.

Keep a diary

Writing about how you feel can help better understand why you are depressed. You can use it to let your feelings out.

Knowing yourself

The intensity of emotions can vary. Develop a scale to rate just how sad you are. When your emotions get too extreme, try to control them. This will prevent you from getting too sad when you fail to meet your expectations.

Now that you can identify your feelings, how can you control them? These skills will give you a clear guide. You need to learn how to :

Set achievable goals

Setting impossible goals ultimately leads to depression. This is because when you fail to achieve something, you begin to see yourself as a failure. Be true to yourself and set reliable goals.

A doctor cannot drive as a good as a driver. Stick to your area of expertise and you will always meet your goals.

Exaggerating the outcomes of events discourages you from doing things that are not that hard. People who fail in something, and never try again are victims of exaggerated thoughts. They fail to look for what they may have done wrong.

Study yourself

Learn the patterns that lead to depression. It is usually a certain feeling. Whenever you feel this way, remind yourself that it is only a feeling. You need to control it. Feeling sad after not clearing an interview and getting back to normal in some time is just a feeling that will pass.

Learn how to solve problems

When you cannot find a clear way to solve a problem, your mood lowers. Learning how to solve problems can reduce the risk of getting stressed. So how can you effectively solve a problem?

Firstly, identify the problem. Consider which problems get you stressed out the most. Write the things that cause these problems, and find ways to solve them. Compare the possible options, and get rid of the ones that seem negative.

Pick one option and stick with it. Set precise goals for what you want to achieve. These goals have to be realistic so that you can actually achieve them.

Avoid drugs

Depressed people turn to drugs to help them cope with life. It makes them feel better since they forget their problems. This is only temporary and sooner or later, they face the same issues again.

They buy more drugs. Drugs is never going to solve your personal issues of life. It is just an escape from reality and does not offer a permanent solution.

Drugs also prevent antidepressants from working well. You need to see a doctor before the situation gets worse.

Words from the Wise

Never blame yourself for being depressed. It may have been caused by a health issue or a condition you had no control over.

Remember that many people get depressed at a point in their lives. It might not even be depression! As long as you have shelter, food to eat and air to breathe, you are going to be fine. There are people who do not have the basic necessities of life.

Practice the above-mentioned methods and you will never feel depressed again. If you or someone you know follows these steps but is still depressed, visit a psychiatrist to get professional help. recommends The Destroy Depression System to help cure depression naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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