Is Depression Genetic or Environmental?

Is Depression Genetic or Environmental?

‘Depression is the inability to construct a future.’

Are you suffering from depression? Majority of the people are confused whether it is depression or they are generally feeling sad. It is possible that your mother is suffering from depression or your uncle got consumed by the society and committed suicide.

One of the most asked questions is – Is depression genetic or environmental? Emile Durkheim wrote a book on suicide and talked about the types as well. He mentioned that the reasons for suicide are purely societal. It is the society that pushes us towards taking this extreme step.

Firstly, you must visit a psychiatrist or check the signs of depression to understand whether you are depressed or not. Let us cut to the chase and understand whether depression is related to genetics or the environment.

Depression and Genetics – The Link

5% of the total world population are suffering from depression. Now that is a serious number and finding out the cause is important. As per research, if you have a relative in a family who is suffering from depression, it is most likely going to affect the other members of the family clan.

If there has been a family history of clinical depression, then it is possible that some people in the clan may experience it too. It is not 100% accurate, but there is a greater risk here. A study was published in the well-known American Journal of Psychiatry in the year 2011 and it talked about 800 families. As per the study, chromosome 3p25-26 is responsible for severe depression. But, it is a possibility that are several other genes that are coming into play to contribute to clinical depression. Anxiety, compulsive disorder or mood disorders can be genetic as well.

‘It runs in the family!’ If the mother is prone to mood swings, anxiety and an obsessive and compulsive disorder, then it is a possibility that some of the kids may experience it too.

Depression and Environment – The Truth

Some doctors believe that genetics is not the cause of depression, but it can increase the risk of getting clinical depression. However, environment has a strong role to play in this. Environmental factors play a role in affecting someone’s life negatively.

If an adult had an abusive childhood and were beaten up, raped or grew up in a broken family then it is possible that they may have depression.

Additionally, there are other instances (related to the environment) that can make a person depressed. These include loss of a loved one, social alienation or isolation, physical illness, changes in lifestyle and much more. Karl Marx talked about alienation in a factory setup.

The working class or the proletariat gets alienated from the manufacturing process, his own creation, fellow factory workers and even from his beloved people. When a person is depressed, he/she feels alienated from the society. Environment has a strong role to play here because we get most affected by the societal pressure, loss of a loved one or changes in our life.


In a nutshell, one can say that depression could be due to genetics and even the environment. However, environment affects the individual or a group on a deeper level.

Having a family history of depression does not mean that every individual in the family will suffer from the disease. However, we get most affected by the factors around us and that is our environment.

Takeaway Advice

Depression is lethal – it can lead to suicidal thoughts. It takes a moment of madness to jump from a building or hang yourself.

Just before you get ideas of trying the above-mentioned methods, you must know that there is no guarantee that you will end up leaving the world. Trying out different methods may leave your crippled for life, and you will continue suffering. Whatever the trigger is, death is not the solution and there is no guarantee that a free fall or hanging will stop your heartbeats or breath.

It is easier said than done, and we understand that you are going through extreme emotions. However, if you experience the signs of depression, sit down and make a list of things that can improve your current situation.

Q. Did you go bankrupt?
Ans. Yes, you did. Dying is not the solution and even crying is not going to help. Sit down and work on a plan. How did you get rich at the first place? You worked hard for it and your limbs are still working to work harder for the next 10 years. Bankruptcy is not a permanent situation. It is in your head that you are not going to get out of it.

Q. Are you going through a breakup phase?
Ans. So what? God has made billions of people in this world for a reason. If one man/woman does not see your worth or there is no compatibility, then you will find another person who sees your worth.

Q. Divorced?
Ans. There are many divorced people around you. Go out for a walk and you will find that there are many people who are taking care of a child all by themselves. If you are divorced, move on as life is giving you another chance to find love. Even if you do not want to find love, there are other noble things to do in life.

None of the above-mentioned situations are extreme! If you are experiencing poverty, work hard and improve your situation. If you are hating your current weight, join a gym and start eating well. When you are bent on finding out more problems and not loving yourself then bitterness and depression will forever be a part of your life.

Learn to say no to bitter and negative feelings. It is an art to be happy with yourself! No matter what happens, put a smile on your face and find solutions.

Depression can be due to both genetic and environmental causes, but it is up to YOU how you control your emotions. Put an end to the miserable life and be solution-focused. recommends The Destroy Depression System to help cure depression naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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