Is Depression Real?

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A lot of people have to go through a lot of hardships and miseries in their lives. So, they end up being confused and frustrated. They start losing interest in other things, but the idea of depression is a lot more complicated. Most people start taking drugs and antidepressants due to depression and anxiety. Now the question is – Is depression real? It could be mere sadness or just a passing phase. Are we wasting over energy over nothing?

Let’s find out whether the feeling is depression or just a passing phase.

Is depression Real?

When it comes to depression, then yes, depression is real. Feeling of loneliness, and low self-esteem are common these days as most people go through a lot today due to family problems or increasing competition. But when these feelings start overwhelming your personality and affect your health, then we will call this depression.

Loneliness and feeling sad is only one part of depression. And no, if someone is facing depression, then it does not mean that one is weak or has low self-control over one’s emotions. Depression is a real disease affecting the lives of not only the person suffering but also his family and friends. And whoever is suffering from this condition should get the help of a psychiatrist to help themselves. No matter what the cause is, you need psychiatric help.

Signs and symptoms of depression

Some signs and symptoms are a clear sign of depression. In order to help you in figuring out your feelings of distress and suffering, we have listed some of them that can help in pointing out the signs.

Loss of interest

One of the most evident symptoms of depression includes a sudden loss of interest in everything. One fails to devote himself entirely to his works. For instance, a brilliant student suddenly starts failing in his exams. And no matter how much your brother loved planting trees, or how much your best friend loved going out on parties – if they are losing interest in the things that they love, then they are probably depressed.

Anger issues

Most people suffering from depression starts developing anger issues. They get agitated easily and everything starts affecting them negatively. They start releasing their emotions through anger. The worst thing is when their family and friends isolate themselves from such people instead of understanding them. This lead to suicidal thoughts or criminal offense. If you want the depressed person to get out of depression, you should never leave them alone.

Change in appearance

A vital sign of depression in most people is their declining health, either a sudden increase in the weight or loss of weight This will be quite sudden. Either the person will start eating a lot or will lose interest in food and drinking. This sudden change in appearance explains why your friend who loved shopping and dressing up suddenly lost interest. The sudden weight loss or gain with the pale color of skin can also be the result of depression.

Dietary changes

Most people suffering from depression have a constant feeling of restlessness. They try to cover up this feeling by changing their dietary habits i.e., by increasing or decreasing their food intake.


The thing that most people do when they are depressed is that they shut people out of their lives. They limit their social and friends circle. The reason behind this is that they feel that they are not worthy of love and friendship. They feel that all eyes are staring at them and that the earth will consume them.

Suicidal thoughts

There are people who are going through a hard time. These are the set of people who start getting suicidal thoughts. They are hopeless, and you will often hear them saying that “nothing will change,” “it will be better if I die,” “I wish I were dead instead,” “I am good at nothing” etc. If your loved one is indulging in negative talks, then it means they need help.

Low energy

People who are suffering from this condition are low on energy. They stay asleep all night and start spending as much time as possible, watching TV or lying on the sofa.

So, if your loved one is showing all these signs, then it is time to start talking to him and get a little more involved in his life even if he tries to block you. Because if unchecked, then these feelings of despair can eat him up. Now there is a difference between lethargy caused by obesity and depression. Is the person lethargic because of excess weight or depression? You would need to find out by asking them.

Untreated depression

Some people who are suffering from clinical depression may not even express their sadness and loneliness in front of anyone. But these limitations of one’s feelings can worsen the condition. In addition to losing interest in every other thing, one is also at the risk of declining health conditions. The person who is suffering ends up with no choice but suicide. Therefore, no matter what the reason is behind your sad or depressing feeling, you have to get medical help immediately.

Keep a check on other people

Well, in order to keep your loved ones safe, one has to keep a check on them to make sure that they are not facing mental issues. Mental issues are real and rubbishing them is not the solution.

Many cases were reported in the last few years. Depressed people may show you their best smile, but it is the inside of the heart and brain that is suffering. Even the happiest people commit suicide. There is a good chance that your best friend, who is always trying to make everyone around them smile is burning inside with depression, but no one has ever noticed. This is what happens in most cases.

So, the first thing that you can do is to keep a check on your loved ones. Whether they like opening up or not, make sure that they do. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. Talk with them about your problems and theirs as well to make sure that they are not facing any mental issues.

Final Word

So, when we talk about whether depression is a real disease or not, then we can conclude that it is real. One can feel it in their brain and heart. It shows on the face and body. When a person is depressed, their whole life and daily routines change drastically.

In fact, it is more deadly than other diseases. There is a possibility that you or your loved one might be suffering from it, but you are trying to cover it with your fabricated illusion or lies.

Be open about your sadness and displeasure. There is no shame in sharing your true feelings. recommends The Destroy Depression System to help cure depression naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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