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  • Is Depression Curable?

    Is Depression Curable?

    Depression is a common mental illness. While it can affect anyone, it is most prevalent in teenagers. Depression is also the most common cause of suicides. It is not surprising that a lot of research has been done on this issue. Depressed people are under-productive in their areas of work and study. Don’t you believe […] More

  • How to Overcome Depression?

    How to Overcome Depression?

    Depression is one of the rapidly growing mental illnesses around the globe. It is common in both men and women. In some phases of life, a person experiences a number of setbacks that he/she enters a stage where they lose interest in everything. These feelings of despair and worthlessness then start affecting his health and […] More

  • How to Battle Depression

    How to Battle Depression

    Have you ever been in a low mood due to an argument with someone? It is possible that you did not clear an interview and are feeling sad. Some people think that they are depressed by small displeasures of life. Not clearing an interview does not make you a failure. Not clearing an interview is […] More

  • How Can I Avoid Depression?

    How Can I Avoid Depression?

    Depression is not a choice – it is a serious illness. It is one of the most common mental conditions. It can lead to both emotional and physical problems. Constant crying and suicidal thoughts can put your life at risk. Patients take antidepressant pills and require regular therapy. Depressed people are easily identified in the […] More

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