What are the Signs of Depression?

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They wanted to talk about it. They wanted to scream. They wanted to cry and yell. But, all they could do is stay silent and reply, ”I AM FINE”. Depression is a disease that goes unnoticed! People can hide their emotions and showcase a smiling face for the society, but inside they are experiencing hell.

Does anybody like the feeling of being depressed? The answer is NO! Nobody likes sleepless nights, dark and aimless days, and a grumpy morning. You feel that this phase will pass, but the dark days do not end. This brings us to our next question – What are the signs of depression?

Majority of the people are not aware that they are depressed and others are good at hiding their true emotions. There are some easy to spot signs of depression such as feeling hopeless or empty, but we took out time to dig deep and understand the condition.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these signs/symptoms, speak to a psychiatrist or opt for therapy. Read on to find the signs of depression.

The Most Common Signs of Depression

  • Change in Weight and Appetite – When a person is depressed, they tend to indulge in binge eating. Food is supposed to be comforting for a sad soul. When a woman goes through a breakup, you may find her with a tub of ice cream or junk. There are some people who do not eat at all! Sadness consumes them and they do not feel like living or eating. The appetite changes – people either eat too much or do not eat at all. You will notice a drastic change in your weight. There will be excessive fat and inflammation on your body! It could be that you might even lose a lot of weight due to sadness.
  • Disinterest towards everything – It could be a breakup or a sudden demise. You might be feeling depressed due to constant failure in terms of career and relationships. When these external factors affect you, it may lead to depression. You will start feeling disinterested towards everything! Your favorite love song will sound toxic and depressing. It is possible that you may not laugh at the funniest joke or situation. You are tired of the world and the noise! Depression can have that effect on people. You simply wish to cut away from the society.
  • Coping with Depression with Alcohol and Drugs – Some people find an escape route and that’s why they turn to drugs and alcohol. You may feel that being in senses is too much to deal with. You drink several shots and finish a whole bottle because the reality is hurting you. You cannot stand the world and its norms! People start getting intoxicated to forget their pain. If you find someone drinking too much or turning to drugs, speak to them and find out why they are doing it!
  • Constant fatigue – You are tired of the world and do not feel like waking up. When a person is depressed, they have lack of motivation and want to sleep forever. As per studies, 90% of people who are suffering from depression get lethargic. It feels like you are dragging your body to go and fetch a glass of water.
  • Negative Thoughts Clouding Up Your Mind – You are depressed and the negative thoughts will not go. People who are undergoing depression are always pessimistic. They do not see any ray of hope. The mind thinks of all the negative aspects of situations. When people talk morbid and think of all the negative aspects, you should see it as a warning sign that this individual may be depressed.
  • Physical Pain – Depression may be a health condition, but you might experience physical pain. It can lead to backache, headache, fever, digestive issues and more.
  • Honey, I am not in the mood – There will be a loss of sex drive. Sex is such an enjoyable activity, but a depression person will lose interest. This is because they have low energy levels and are not in the right mind frame. Why wouldn’t they enjoy sex? It is possible that depression can lead to low self esteem.
  • Suicidal Thoughts – Clinical depression can give rise to suicidal thoughts. You feel detached from the society and can end up taking your own life. If you know a person who talks morbid or has attempted suicide in the past, help them out by talking to them and taking them to a therapist.
  • Insomnia or Too Much Sleep – You may end up sleeping a lot or will experience insomnia. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder. You wake up through the night and feel sluggish in the morning. If you are sleeping all day long and cannot get up from the bed then there is a serious issue here.
  • Insecurity/Nervousness/Worthlessness – These are some of the feelings in a depressed person’s heart. They feel worthless and feel that they do not deserve anything! Showing up in social situations is a BIG NO for them. They want to spend all the time sitting in front of the television. Nothingness becomes their favorite emotion and thing to do.

What should you do about it?

If you or your friend/colleague/family member are showcasing any of the above-mentioned symptoms then it is time to speak to a doctor or let the tears flow. Sometimes it is good to let it out and scream! It allows you to expend all the negative energy inside you.

Always remember that it is okay to cry and scream. Find someone who is ready to listen to you! Depressed people may find it difficult to open up with someone because they feel that nobody will understand. What if they do?

Bottling up your feelings is not the solution. Feeling worthless and lethargic are signs that you must NEVER ignore. Talk about depression and seek help from a therapist. There are many people who have mental disorders but they hide their emotions.

It is time that you should speak up! Depression is lethal and a depressed individual may take their own life. Seek help TODAY! recommends The Destroy Depression System to help cure depression naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

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