What Triggers Depression?

What Triggers Depression?

Is depression genuine? Are there some specific factors that are pushing us towards it? The term depression is a complicated one. A human being goes through different phases of life through which he learns great lessons of life. Depression is a form of mental illness that can be a result of different factors. Majority of the people around the globe are haunted by depression and are a victim. It is not just a condition but can be a permanent illness. The unhappiness rate of people has increased over the years. A profound thought is necessary to deal with despair, and we need to know – what triggers depression?

What is the cause of depression? Let us find out through this relevant post that talks about the symptoms and possible reasons that lead to depression.

Defining depression

Depression is considered to be a disease that can be lethal at a later stage. The condition causes loss of interest in daily activities and changes the behavior of a person to aggression within seconds. It clearly shows that it affects us negatively. The reason behind unhappiness has to be transparent to avoid this mental instability.


  • Weight loss
  • Difficulty in making rational decisions
  • Increased fatigue
  • Sad feeling
  • Anger
  • A person becomes frustrated over minor problems

Initial Signs of Depression

These are some initial signs. Let us take a look at the possible reasons that trigger depression.

Death of a loved one

There is at least one beloved person in our lives and the sudden death or loss of that special one can be heartbreaking. It can act as a great set back and change your life forever besides the sense of loneliness. When one believes that he/she is all alone in the world, then talking and engaging with others becomes a tough task. This situation can get people in a state of dizziness, and one starts to lose interest in everything. Anxiety becomes a feature of one’s personality, and the person suffering keeps on getting more depressive.

Going through a disaster

People can be a part of a natural disaster, uneventful instances, sorrows and that automatically has a negative impact on their lives. In these conditions, people stay sad and cry over their past. Thus, depression stays with them for an extended period.

Financial Crisis

In the world full of technological advances, desires become necessities of life. The need to fulfill these desires become the aim of the person. For example, a person questions himself and blames other people for what they have, which he desires the most. But their financial condition and limited resources or the state of poverty become a hurdle in fulfilling these desires.
When the person observes others having that product, he becomes stressful. The lust for money today drives a lot of people in bad mood swings, which directly impacts our brain.

Societal Pressure

One of the main reasons for depression are societal pressure which every single person faces throughout his life. The society traps us in a cage which is difficult to get out of.

When people start neglecting others regularly, it will leave an awful impact on one’s mind. This is because human nature is more sensitive when they face rejections from other people. Rejections can be through marriage proposals or job rejections. The neglecting, ignoring and the behavior of parents can also make the children feel left out. Abuse and violence are also some dynamics causing and activating the ration of depression at a higher degree.


Some people show the sign of depression at the early stages of their life due to their genes. For instance, a baby in the womb is more sensitive to nature and mood swings of his mother in the late pregnancy stage. In addition, a negative or unbalanced diet impacts the genetics of the baby. It means that not only personal experience boosts depression, but also various instincts and lifestyle.


People use a variety of drugs and medicines to cure their diseases. These drugs are no doubt helpful for fighting against various diseases. But most people forget their harmful effects on their personality and body as they are equally dangerous. When you habitually take such medications, then your dependency on them increases. A single day without them will leave your body in distress, and your body will start craving it. This distress can cause depression in some people due to the overuse or misuse of various drugs.


Memories affect the human mind in various ways. When a person gets older, he becomes more emotionally unstable, which leads to depression.

Teenagers go through a whirlpool of feelings and desires. They might not the difference between infatuation and love. When their partner breaks up or leaves the country, the memories can be heartbreaking for the person. If a partner dies and the wife/husband is left behind, the memories can make you feel bitter and unhappy.

Physical condition

Majority of disabled people do not feel satisfied in the world because of the inability to do simple day-to-day tasks. Serious illness can cause further mental health issues, and the elementary one is depression.

The critical part leading towards depression is played by the environment that is created from the beginning by parents, siblings, relatives, close people, etc. If they are not supportive and fail in understanding others, then this can lead to the contrary nature, which directly impacts the specific person.

Superiority by others

Being superior is the aim of everyone, and for becoming more prominent, Wealthy people choose to use power negatively to keep others down. These superior people belong to the political sector, which has a profound influence on the minds of thousands of people.

Key: Be gentle with depressed people; otherwise, it will lead to the downfall of the community.

Research shows that more than 300 million people around the globe are the victim of depression, and double the strength of these are showing signs of the disease. This can increase the amount of suicide and crime rates.

How to overcome depression?

There are some efficient ways to overcome depression. It includes following a healthy diet chart, which keeps a person fit. Exercise helps in releasing endorphins that help a depressed person to feel energetic and positive. Furthermore, daily routine exercises help in the recovering process. Other than that, a psychiatrist may be of excellent value for you to overcome all the problems you are facing with proper medication and therapy.

Try to look at the positive aspects of life. If nothing is working and you fail to stay happy and positive, seek help from a psychiatrist. They will explain to you the different methods to overcome depression.

Always remember that depression should not be taken lightly. It is a condition that can make us suicidal and affect our daily routine. Happy people are more productive in society. Hence, you must focus on overcoming depression. recommends The Destroy Depression System to help cure depression naturally. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!

What is the First Sign of Depression?

What is the First Sign of Depression?